Soup to Nuts: Building

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By Susan Holzman Wachsstock, Rebecca Ruberg and Melanie Schneider Sometimes you roll out a project, look back, and think about all the things you now know – and how you would do it differently if given the opportunity to try again. For us, designing – a massive, searchable, filterable database for parents and teens in the Greater [...]

Great School Break Program Opportunities for Chicago Teens

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ABOUT SCHOOL BREAK PROGRAMS Pursue a passion project, develop new skills, meet teens from across Chicagoland and cultivate your Jewish identity through unique School Break trips. These trips, run by some of the best program providers in the country, represent an exciting new way to spend your school vacation! Apply Now Original Source:

Register for the Boston Teen Funder 2018 Habitat Trip

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Making the World a Better Place Each February (since 2011) we go from hitting the books to hitting nails in Raleigh, North Carolina through our alternative spring break program with Habitat for Humanity and AmeriCorps. While enjoying time off from school, we make a difference volunteering alongside future homeowner families and learning about poor living conditions and how decent, affordable housing builds [...]

Why Face-to-Face Interactions Still Matter in the Modern Age

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Can you hear me now? Why Face-to-Face Interactions Still Matter in the Modern Age In the year 5778, the future, it seems, is now. If someone 50 years ago time-traveled to today and saw the myriad technologies and devices that make possible working virtually, she would be amazed, to say the least. She would see a [...]

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